New technology is invented, adopted, and discarded for the next big thing faster than ever before. It’s tough to keep up by following traditional sources of news who have hidden agendas and are run by media dinosaurs. All this chaos might make you feel like this guy:

Enter Monday Moves, a weekly newsletter chronicling the biggest technical and business moves in the world of technology. Monday Moves is neither a link dump nor a summary of articles. The authors Raj and Sam comb the Internet for the most interesting and relevant finds and pair them with nonconforming analysis.

Some stories you might read about are Spotify’s data-mining practices, Amazon’s challenges in scaling internationally, and the use of Generative Adversarial Networks in creating deepfakes.

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Who reads Monday Moves?

Readers include tech startup founders, product managers, and computer science students. If you want to take part in the discussion on technology’s impact on your future, sign up to read more.

Who writes Monday Moves?

Raj: I am a software developer with interests in cryptography and decentralization. I graduated from Colby College with a Mathematics degree. In my spare time I’m probably watching cricket, doing deadlifts, or planning my next trip around the world.

Sam: I have spent time in broadcast media and research, and I work in commercial real estate in Portland, OR. I graduated from Colby College majoring in Biology and History. An avid entrepreneur, I am passionate about business, technology, history, and going fast in cars and on skis.